Alamo Branding & Interior by Noem9 Studio

Álamo (Poplar) is a bar specialised in tapas and sandwiches in the city of Zaragoza, Spain. The joy of tasty homemade food with natural ingredients accompanied by the idea of creating a warm and homelike space is the main focus of Álamo - Bar & Tapería.

Submitted by Noem9 Studio

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The Song Reader Album

We’re back with Beck—and this time we’re making music. A whole album of it!

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Natascha, 22, Rotterdam



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The World is Flat with Martin Lanciano

To see more of Martin’s cleaned-up chaos follow @_o___________o_ on Instagram.

For graphic designer Martin Lanciano (@_o___________o_), photography is a way to create order from chaos. “I would love to live in a cleaner, less crowded place than Buenos Aires,” he says. “I’m not drawn to all these different architecture styles, colors and textures mixed together.” In his minimalist collage series #offlabeluse_, Martin flattens bulky pieces of medicine packaging and glues them to a thin sheet of paper. “With my pictures, I’m also slicing up the 3D volume of the real world and folding it into flat 2D squares.”

Martin’s photos focus on capturing clean bits of shape and color that he finds in his everyday life. “I’m not interested in the meaning of things or trying to convey a message or idea. As a graphic designer you have to do that,” he explains. “On Instagram, I feel free to just play. It’s like taking the serious part out of the graphic design and just keeping the fun! I try to focus on pure aesthetics such as balance, tension, contrast, empty space and color palette.”

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I see no lies here 😂

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Interview May 2010 - Sedene Blake by Mikael Jansson

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By Whimsy Design & Illustration


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knotted tank, thrifted skirt, BCBG heels

Janae Small, 20, Shreveport, LA

IG: @janaecamri

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